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The actor Jamie Dornan is slighter in the flesh than I expected, and he’s got a mullet. We are on the set of New Worlds, Channel 4’s follow-up to 2008’s critically acclaimed The Devil’s Whore. That first series was set during the English Civil War (and starred Michael Fassbender and Andrea Riseborough); this one, to be aired next week, takes place during the Restoration, a period nigh on as bloody and politically fissured, if Martine Brant and Peter Flannery’s script is anything to go by.
Dornan is playing Abe Goffe, a young outlaw who foments revolution against the ruling elite from a forest in Oxfordshire, and whose head is turned by the beautiful Beth (Freya Mavor), the daughter of Angelica Fanshawe, the ‘whore’ of the earlier drama.
Goffe’s wild existence accounts for Dornan’s unkempt hair. While most of the cast sport rather elaborate full-head wigs, Dornan gets what he explains is a three-quarter-length number: some straggling wisps glued on to his own short back and sides, which he tugs at when we talk. He also has a beard. ‘Abe’s a character who has sacrificed pretty much everything in his life,’ he explains. ‘Including a razor.’

At the time of my set visit – summer 2013 – Dornan is best known for his modelling career (particularly his shirtless campaigns for Calvin Klein), and for his mesmeric performance as an alarmingly attractive serial killer in BBC Two’s drama series The Fall – which also starred Gillian Anderson as the police officer determined to track him down – which aired last May.
Then, days after I meet him again in October 2013, news breaks that he has landed a role that makes him the most talked-about actor in the world. Dornan won the part of Christian Grey, the dazzlingly handsome anti-hero with a penchant for light sadomasochism, in the Hollywood adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the bestselling (90 million copies worldwide and counting) novel by EL James. Directed by the British artist Sam Taylor-Johnson, the film is slated to be released on Valentine’s Day next year.

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I have added another outtake from the Telegraph Magazine photo session to our photo archive.

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I have added the cover of the March 2014 issue of Telegraph Magazine to our photo archive as well as two images from the session for the magazine.

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I have added high quality stills from episode two of New Worlds as well as an additional one from episode one. Thanks to Céline for these images.

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Jamie Dornan is mostly known to British TV viewers for his highly acclaimed and spine chilling performance as serial killer Paul Spector opposite Gillian Anderson in The Fall (BBC2). A role he will revisit as Season 2 begins filming in Belfast this Spring. Yet since finishing New Worlds Jamie has taken on his biggest role to date and one that certainly looks set to make him a global household name, that of the playboy Christian Grey in the film adaption of E.L James’ smash hit book series Fifty Shades of Grey. Here, he discusses playing the very different character of Abe Goffe, in new Channel 4 drama New Worlds.

You play Abe Goffe in New Worlds, can you tell us a bit about how you saw his character.

Abe is a young, idealistic renegade who is very determined in his fight to make England a true republic and end the tyrannical rule of the Stuarts throne. It is a similar fight to that taken up by his father William Goffe who was a real historical figure and one whom Abe idolises. He is trying to uphold the mantel of his father’s campaign and muster up support among others. He is headstrong, too much so at times, and is often quick to use his fists but he learns during the course of the drama that there are better paths of action.

Your character in The Fall was such a dark, violent one was it hard to get into the mindset of someone who was such an idealist, almost a Che Guevara type character – they couldn’t be more different.

Of course there are no comparisons between the two of them but I like playing characters who are passionate about something. It is appealing as an actor to play characters who take care, precision and put commitment into something they are passionate about. In the case of Paul Spector that is the act of hunting and killing and covering up his crime and obviously it is a very different motivation with Abe but he is equally a focused man with what he sees as a very clear objective. It is exciting to play such strong characters.

Do you think young audiences today will relate to Abe’s struggle?

I think the themes of New Worlds are all ones that young people watching the drama can relate to. Young people still feel enraged about the same injustices, although I like to think in England people now are treated with greater decency and things aren’t as brutal and bloody as they were at that time.

Did you do much research into the period?

A couple of books were suggested to us, there was one book ‘Cavalier’ by Lucy Worsley that I know Freya and I both read and was recommended to us by Martine Brant. It became a joke competition between Freya and I to finish it, my copy was more subtly on my iPad but Freya constantly lugged her copy around everywhere with her as I teased and tested her knowledge! Because I went to school in Belfast the English Civil War wasn’t high on the curriculum so to some extent I had to learn from scratch. I had no idea that it was such a barbaric time and to discover that was quite something. We don’t want it to be a four-part history lesson but I think audiences will certainly learn something from watching New Worlds.

What did you enjoy most about the filming?

Being an outlaw was great fun, I am probably stuck in some transition period from boy to man, but I loved all that running through woods with guns, arrows, unwashed hair and your band of mates indulging your inner Robin Hood!! Everyone got on really well on set so we had a good laugh.

Some of the locations around South West England that you used to shoot in were very stunning – coming from Northern Ireland did you know that area of the UK?

I have lived in the UK for over 11 years so I did in fact know countryside around the Bristol area quite well but the historical buildings especially those used for Fanshawe house were beautiful and that sense of the period and atmosphere along with costume all really help when you are getting into character. We were very lucky to spend the hot summer in those parts of the country and it seemed every day we were in a new stunning spot.

Abe is a romantic character but he seems to fight his relationship with Beth and not want the distraction in his life, why?

Although Beth was born into a family embroiled in the turmoil of the Civil War and she has this rebellious blood running through her veins especially from her father Edward Sexby who is another one of Abe’s heroes, she has been protected by her mother Angelica and Abe initially finds her naivety frustrating. Abe resents that she has grown up in such a protected, safe way in this commonwealth environment created by her mother when he has chosen to face the much tougher realities around them. He doesn’t understand how she can’t see her life is an illusion. They are classic star crossed lovers to start with but ultimately they can’t help themselves – as we all know love is a very powerful thing! I have to say it was nice to play a romantic hero especially after The Fall where I had to apologise to pretty much every actress after each shot was filmed…

What drew you to this role?

Essentially it was the script first, then the character that I felt I could play, felt intrigued by and would hopefully interest an audience, and then I hoped I would get on with the director and everyone else involved. On all these counts I have been so lucky with New Worlds. Peter Flannery and Martine Brant have worked so well together on this drama and I don’t think Peter has ever written a bad script so you know you are getting the best. I really enjoy good TV drama, I was gripped by Broadchurch and thought Southcliffe that Joe (Dempsie) is in was brilliant and I am a big Sopranos, Curb Your Enthusiasm and Arrested Development fan and more recently have been watching Homeland. We are so spoilt for choice with good television these days.


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Gillian Anderson and Jamie Dornan have begun filming series two of The Fall.

Shooting on the new six-part run, written and directed once more by Allan Cubitt, commenced this week in Belfast.

As series two begins, Stella Gibson (Anderson) is on the hunt for fugitive Paul Spector (Dornan) with a personal link from the killer’s past revealing new clues.

But the closer Gibson comes to capturing him, the more Spector trespasses into her private world, delighting in taunting and provoking her. As the net gradually tightens around him, Spector becomes psychologically ever more dangerous and destructive.

“I’m over the moon to be back in production with this team again and to step into the shoes of the elusive Stella for what promises to be an even darker second season,” Anderson said.

Dornan added: “I’m delighted to be back in production for the second series of The Fall. Allan Cubitt has outdone himself and the scripts are stunning.”

Bronagh Waugh will also reprise her role as Spector’s wife Sally-Ann, while John Lynch will again play Assistant Chief Constable Jim Burns.

“We were delighted with the response to series one and can’t wait to unleash Allan Cubitt’s superb new scripts on the audience,” said Stephen Wright, head of drama for BBC Northern Ireland.

The Fall debuted on BBC Two in mid-2013 and was the channel’s biggest drama series launch in eight years.

Since the first series aired, Anderson has filmed roles in US series Hannibal and Crisis, while Dornan landed the lead role of sadomasochistic billionaire Christian Grey in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey.


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