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admin / August 19th, 2014   General News

Good news, Jamie has got an instagram account, check out his first picture:

admin / August 6th, 2014   The Siege of Jadotville

New project for Jamie! From THR:

Geo-political thriller “The Siege of Jadotville” will see the Irish actor play a U.N. commander caught in the Congo during the 1961 coup.

Just days after the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer became the most watched trailer of all time, its S&M-loving lead Christian Grey, otherwise known as Irish actor Jamie Dornan, is already adding another notch on his cinematic bedpost.

On Tuesday, it was announced that Dornan will star in Parallel Films’ upcoming geo-political action thriller The Siege of Jadotville by writer Kevin Brodbin and first-time director Richie Smith.

The story is set around the siege of 150 U.N. Irish troops in 1961 in the Congo, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo, after pro-Western warlord Moise Tshombe took control of the Katanga region, killing the democratically elected Congolese prime minister Patrice Lamumba. Belfast-born Dornan will play Commandant Pat Quinlan, the Irishman who led the U.N. battalion against a force of 3,000 local troops fighting alongside French and Belgian mercenaries.

“I can’t wait to get stuck into Jadotville,” said Dornan in a statement. “It’s an unbelievable story and Commandant Pat Quinlan is going to be a treat of a character to tackle. I’m a big fan of both Richie Smyth and [producer] Alan Moloney and I’m very much looking forward to working with them both.”

Smyth, known for his commercial and music work, including videos for U2, The Verve and Bon Jovi, recently picked up several best director awards across the globe for an advert highlighting the issue of child abuse in Ireland.

“I’m really excited to be working with Jamie on The Siege of Jadotville,” Smyth added in the statement. “I thought his performance in The Fall was sublime. He is perfectly cast in the lead role as Commandant Quinlan and has been instrumental in bringing this epic story to life.”

The film, which has been developed with the Irish Film Board and will be an official Irish/South African co-production, is set to shoot spring 2015 in Ireland and South Africa after Dornan finishes promoting Fifty Shades of Grey.

admin / July 25th, 2014   Articles

So, you like to watch a handsome, shirtless Jamie Dornan do the whole torture thing? Well, then, we’ve got the perfect drama for you—and it’s not Fifty Shades of Grey.

If you want to see Dornan gag women, tie them up, bathe them by candlelight, and cause them grievous bodily harm, you’re better off watching the first season of the BBC’s gripping thriller The Fall. (Catch up on Netflix before season two airs. The trailer premiered yesterday, just in time for 50 Shades madness.) The Fall is a suspenseful and scary thriller, and, unlike Fifty Shades, it’s honest about the slippery entertainment appeal of violence against women.

Dornan plays Paul Spector, a doting father and loving husband who also happens to be a really hot serial killer. Where the 50 Shades trailer makes sadism look aspirational—just let him hurt you, ladies, and you can have it all, the Nicholas Sparks romance, the fashion-mag clothes, and rides in fancy, phallus-shaped planes!—The Fall shows that glamorizing male sexual power over women can also be dangerous. “I was at pains from the start to make sure that there was nothing gratuitous or exploitative in the drama,” its creator, Alan Cubitt, told the Guardian last year. “Sexual killers eroticize violence, power and death, so it’s a challenging line to walk.”

Half of The Fall‘s story is told from Paul’s point of view (we’ll get to the other half in a second), and he’s definitely a voyeur. (His last name, Spector, even hints that he likes to watch.) So it’s necessary that there’s an element of voyeurism in the way the show frames his murders: The victims are young, beautiful, and often left naked on their beds. Their deaths are gorgeously shot, with romantic lighting and tasteful make-up. Paul even bathes his victims and paints their nails before he leaves them. But this isn’t the straight-forward S&M glamor that 50 Shades trades in. It’s all part of the drama’s plan to implicate its viewers in the same objectification of women that excites Paul. And that’s a fair thing to do: Viewers are tuning in to watch a show about a literal lady-killer, aren’t they?

Another way that Cubitt avoids the exploitation trap is by letting us get to know these victims before they die, so that the women are actual human beings to us, not just another sexy corpse that you might find in a dumpster on Law & Order: SVU. It helps that the first victim we meet is also an outspoken feminist. When we’re introduced to Sarah Kay, her coworker is trying to flirt with her, and Sarah, who couldn’t be less interested, responds by talking about the Mosuo people, a matriarchal society where women raise children communally, without any real attachment to men. Just try to imagine 50 Shades‘ Anastasia living in that society. How would she survive? Who would tell her how to wear her hair?

But the real reason The Fall doesn’t feel like a cheap thrill is that it messes with the conservative gender roles that Fifty Shades reinforces. The show’s real hero is Stella, a cool-tempered detective played by Gillian Anderson. She provides the point of view for the scenes that aren’t from Spector’s perspective, and together, the two of them upend all sort of assumptions about women and men. He’s the loving parent; she’s the ladder-climbing careerist. They’re both clinical about their life’s work, but she’s that way because she’s hugely ambitious, and he’s that way because he’s a sociopath. (Is The Fall intentionally flipping the idea that men who aren’t ruled by their emotions make great leaders while women like that are just crazy?) Stella favors one-night stands while Paul obsesses over women he only meets once.

Still, Stella isn’t just a male archetype in drag. In fact, she complicates the whole idea that any women can be so easily categorized. When one of her colleagues refers to the serial killer’s victims as “innocent,” Stella corrects his use of the word. “What if he kills a prostitute next, or a woman walking home drunk, late at night, in a short skirt?” she asks. “Will they be in some way less innocent, therefore less deserving? Culpable? The media loves to divide women into virgins and vamps, angels or whores. Let’s not encourage them.”

At risk of making the same mistake, I should probably avoid judging Fifty Shades fans too harshly. As Lena Dunham once said, part of being a feminist is giving other women the space to make choices you don’t agree with. So go ahead and pre-order your Fifty Shades of Grey tickets if you like. But if this piece hasn’t convinced you to add The Fall to your Netflix queue as well, then let me try another approach: Jamie Dornan has never been hotter, even though he’s playing a serial killer. If you, like Anastasia, prefer your fantasy life to be just a little bit wrong, you can’t do much better than that.

From: EW.com

admin / July 24th, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

The first trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey is out! From the preview it looks faithful to the book, take a look:

admin / July 20th, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

Here’s a teaser for the upcoming Trailer release, set to premiere on Thursday. Beyonce posted on her instagram, here’s the video. Warning: it plays really loud.

admin / July 18th, 2014   The Fall

The first look at The Fall Series 2 is here! There’s still no date for the premiere:

admin / June 21st, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

Here’s the first image of Jamie as Christian Grey in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey:

admin / April 6th, 2014   Public Appearances

Jamie Dornan attended the Irish Film & Television Awards last night where he won the awards for Best Leading Actor and Best Rising Actor for his work on the BBC Series “The Faul”.

Here are pictures:

Gallery Link:

admin / March 30th, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

An article from Entertainment Weekly about Fifty Shades of Grey:

It’s the question Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley gets asked most often: “How do you make a movie out of Fifty Shades?” Her answer: very carefully.

It’s Tuesday at the annual theater chain convention CinemaCon, and Universal Pictures concluded its lengthy slate presentation with the footage Fifty Shades fans have been waiting breathlessly to see since the studio bought the rights to the best-selling novels last year.

But rather then fill the five-minute teaser with the sex that made the books by British author E L James so popular, the studio went against expectations and highlighted the romance between the two leads: virginal college student Anastasia Steele (played by Dakota Johnson) and 28-year-old domineering billionaire Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan).

The clip showcased the burgeoning romance, filling the screen with some of the iconic moments fans of the book will remember, like the first introduction in his office: Anastasia nervous and earnest; Grey, handsome and aloof. Grey’s surprise appearance at the hardware store and his helicopter also make an appearance. Plus audiences were given a sense of the Grey psyche with Dornan uttering, “Hearts and flowers: That’s not who I am.”

But with the exception of a brief blindfold, a hand on a thigh and a glimpse of a riding crop, Mr. Grey’s penchant for domineering sex was kept to a minimum. (The footage did feature him opening the doors to the Red Room, but alas, there was no wide shot of his illicit den.) In fact, there was more sex featured in Universal’s footage of the Seth Rogen-Zac Efron comedy Neighbors than anything found in the Fifty Shades footage.

Rather, the emotional component to the book’s storyline was highlighted with quick appearances from Anastasia’s mom, played by Jennifer Ehle, enthusiastic that her daughter has met someone new; her roommate (Eloise Mumford) warning her not to get hurt and even the heroine protesting that Mr. Grey is trying to change her. He protests with an earnest, “It’s you who’s changing me.”

It’s clear that the studio is rolling this out as carefully — and meticulously — as possible. It’s just unclear whether playing up the romance in the early footage is the way to get theater owners interested in the property.
Time will tell.

admin / March 27th, 2014   Projects,Videos

Tuesday (1st April) | 9pm | Channel 4
Abe Goffe (Jamie Dornan) and his outlaws are led to Fanshawe House by a wounded deer

Episode description: Show trials, torture and summary executions are rife in England as Charles II betrays his promise of tolerance and reverts to tyranny.
At Fanshawe House, Angelica Fanshawe now Countess of Seacourt, strives to protect her daughter Beth and Catholic husband John Francis from a country once again on the brink of chaos.
But when outlaw and idealist Abe breaks into Beth’s sheltered world he jolts her into consciousness and asks whether she can stand by as the liberties won with her father’s Civil War blood are destroyed.
Meanwhile, in New England the colonists struggle to throw off the distant but steely control of the English Crown.