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admin / January 10th, 2015   Magazines

Jamie is featured on the February issue of US Elle Magazine. Plus there are 2 ads from OPI featuring Jamie and Dakota for the Fifty Shades of Grey Promotion.

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admin / January 9th, 2015   Magazines

Jamie is on the cover of the February Issue of Details Magazine. Here’s the cover, some of the pictures from the photoshoot, the video and screen captures from it. Also, an excerpt from the article via Details.com. I’ll post scans when I get the magazine!


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Can Fifty Shades of Grey Star Jamie Dornan Dominate Hollywood?

When Dornan landed the role of Christian Grey in the hotly anticipated adaptation of E L James’ BDSM-themed bestseller, the 32-year-old Irish model turned actor was asked not only to play a dashing billionaire with a taste for bondage—but also to bear the weight of millions of women’s sexual fantasies. No pressure, though.

“You bitch!” Jamie Dornan mutters. “Sorry,” he adds with a guilty glance. The Irish actor—who, as the star of the big-screen adaptation of the bodice ripper Fifty Shades of Grey, will either stoke or douse the sexual fantasies of millions of women—has just shot a female antelope on the virtual savannas of Africa. “The point is to only shoot the guys,” he says, before pumping his plastic rifle and firing again, taking down a male. He quickly reloads and bags another.

It’s early afternoon—a rare beautiful fall day in Vancouver, a city known for its own shades of gray and the rain that goes with them—and Dornan, a pint of beer at his elbow, has dragged me to the Lamplighter, a dark wood-paneled Irish pub, so that he can play Big Buck Hunter HD. “Addiction is a terrible thing,” he says with a soft chuckle, lifting his rifle for the next round. “There are three dudes per stage that you have to kill, but there will be other shit running around, other animals and women—not actual women, not like Anita.”

Anita is one of the game’s scantily clad tour guides—also known as Big Buck girls—who appear between stages, rewarding hunters by striking suggestive poses or blowing kisses. I wonder aloud if an exception can be made to the no-killing-females rule. “My wife hates the girls too,” Dornan says. “She introduced me to Big Buck—it was one of the things I loved most about her.” Realizing this sounds like a less-than-ringing endorsement, he soon corrects himself. “It was a bonus aspect of her character.”

You can read the full article on Details.com

admin / December 22nd, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey will premiere on February 11th on the 65th Berlin International Film Festival

Mr Grey will see his first international audiences at the Berlin Film Festival in February. As a Berlinale Special Gala, Universal and Focus Features’ highly-anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey will be screened one-time only on February 11 with director Sam Taylor-Johnson and stars Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in attendance. Also in Berlin will be author EL James, upon whose erotic mega-seller books the adaptation is based. Although it’s not a world premiere, this is the latest high-profile get for the Berlinale after it was announced last week that Terrence Malick’s Knight Of Cups will bow there in competition and Kenneth Branagh’s Cinderella will play out of competition. Berlin runs February 5-15. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Fifty Shades Of Grey starts its international rollout on February 11 and releases Stateside on February 13.

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admin / November 14th, 2014   The Fall

The Fall returned and was as horribly unpleasant and brilliantly gripping as the first series.
This means we can spend between now and Christmas watching the Belfast serial killer drama battling it out with The Missing for the prestigious title of Most Nerve-Wracking Nightmare-Inducing Thriller of The Year.
Both The Missing and The Fall (BBC2’s highest-rating drama launch for eight years) are steadfastly stylish slow burners, having clearly learnt from Broadchurch and The Killing that where intense suspense is concerned, less is more.

The Missing reached the third of its eight episodes on Tuesday.
It ended with the French detective leading the investigation into the abduction of Olly Hughes, the young son of haunted, broken, British tourist Tony Hughes informing him that the police had recovered a video. He then asked one of those questions no one ever wants to hear: ‘Are you sure you want to see it?’
It was a moment of dread, with the answer being both ‘yes, obviously’ and, put it like that, ‘no, definitely not.’

We knew how he felt. We wanted our morbid curiosity to be satisfied at the same time as knowing we would recoil from whatever it showed.
So it proved.
The shaky hand-held footage showed the unmistakable, unbearable, sight of Tony’s son stood at a window as a hand was placed across his mouth and he was dragged away.
The Missing and The Fall are divided by quintessential differences but work in much the same way. (…)

Read the full article at DailyMail.co.uk

admin / November 14th, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

The full trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey has been released:

admin / November 7th, 2014   Fifty Shades of Grey

Here’s a 20sec teaser for Fifty Shades of Grey. The new trailer will premiere on November 13th, during the episode of ABC’s Scandal.

admin / October 5th, 2014   Photo Archive

Some new higher quality images from the Photoshoot for November British Vogue are up in the gallery, via photocouture-show.com

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  • Photo Sessions > 2014 > 006

admin / October 4th, 2014   Magazines

Jamie is featured on the Vogue UK November, here’s the photoshoot photo and an excerpt from Vogue.co.uk:

He’s been Keira Knightley’s beau, the face of Calvin Klein, a serial killer in The Fall, the dark protagonist in the long-awaited Fifty Shades of Grey movie – and now he’s in Vogue. Meet Jamie Dornan.

admin / September 25th, 2014   Articles

Jamie Dornan has admitted to carrying some of his character’s anger as ‘The Fall’ prepares for its second season

Irish actor and Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan has admitted to having been deeply affected by BBC drama The Fall, in which he plays a serial killer terrorizing Belfast.

The second season of the series — the broadcaster’s most popular drama on its BBC2 channel for 20 years and available on Netflix in the U.S. — is due to return to U.K. screens later in the year.

“You can’t fail to be left slightly scarred by inhabiting someone like that for two seasons. I do carry elements of him with me in a worrying way. I find him relatable … I have a deep understanding of him,” Dornan said at a special screening on Tuesday in quotes published by U.K. newspaper The Guardian.

“He had such a distaste for everything. You do carry some of that anger and that hatred in you a little bit, especially toward the end of a few months playing him.”

Dornan’s co-star Gillian Anderson, who plays a detective looking into the investigation, added that she found her character enthralling.

“Who she is and everything she stands for and how she operates — I find that very compelling and I don’t feel like I have really seen that before,” she said.

“She makes it very clear how she feels about violence against women, how these women are represented and how they are perceived. She is a supporter of women and women being treated respectfully and she doesn’t mince words. It’s in her bones. I like that about her.”

Meanwhile, The Fall’s writer Allan Cubitt defended its graphic violence, which had been enough for U.K. tabloid The Daily Mail to describe it as “the most repulsive drama ever broadcast on British TV.”

“There were plenty of people of people who understood what I was trying to achieve. In a sense it’s a dissection of a certain kind of male view, an exploration of misogyny,” he said.

“Anything that sets out to explore a complex and difficult subject like that always runs the risk of being held up as being an example of it, rather than a critique of it. Obviously if you think The Fall is misogynistic then I would have failed completely, abjectly.”


admin / August 20th, 2014   Videos

Jamie Dornan and Eddie Redmayne took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, watch it: