‘Fifty Shades’ Star Jamie Dornan on the Time He Drunk Auditioned for ‘Rock of Ages’

‘Fifty Shades’ Star Jamie Dornan on the Time He Drunk Auditioned for ‘Rock of Ages’

Jamie Dornan is now a bonafide box office star thanks to “Fifty Shades of Grey,” but the 32-year-old actor spent a stretch of his 20s in Los Angeles trying to make it as an actor. During a two-hour interview with Variety in January, he talked about some of his early experiences, his worst audition ever and the time he saw Fabio at the gym.

Dornan, who grew up in Ireland, started as a fashion model.
“My sister had encouraged me to go on this U.K. reality show called ‘Model Behavior.’ I reluctantly went. I didn’t get very far on the show, thankfully. I ended up joining the agency that was behind it, and then I was with them. I never got a huge amount of joy when I was modeling. No disrespect. I didn’t want to be one of those guys modeling when I was in my 40s.”

In his mid-20s, he moved to L.A., where he became pals with struggling Brit actors Andrew Garfield and Eddie Redmayne.
“I really disliked L.A. when I arrived. I thought it was a really weird place. I was just renting an apartment and doing whatever you do when you’re an actor not working in L.A. There was no pressure. The stakes weren’t that high, because we weren’t really getting work. We played a lot of table tennis and volleyball and had nice dinners. What’s the song [‘Drinking in L.A.’] — ‘What the hell am I doing drinking in L.A. at 26?’ We kept singing that.”

Dornan auditioned for the lead in “Rock of Ages,” but it didn’t go too well.
“I had to sing ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You.’ It’s nearly impossible to sing, and I’ve got quite a deep voice when I sing. My audition was at 10 in the morning on the Warner Bros. lot. I convinced myself it would be a good idea to have a bit of whiskey to relax my vocal cords and maybe as a bit of a confidence booster. Suddenly, I took a swig of Jameson and I instantly f–ing puked. So I’m standing with all these executives driving around in golf carts, as I’m vomiting on the lot. It was a bad look. I hadn’t been clever enough to bring mouth wash. And then I had to go in, stinking of whiskey and vomit and proceed to sing ‘Waiting for a Girl Like You,’ which I couldn’t sing. It was the worst situation ever. Obviously, I didn’t hear anything back.”

He spotted Fabio at the gym.
“I went on a trial at the L.A. Equinox, and I only went twice. Both times Fabio — that guy on the cover of those romance novels — was there. It was the weirdest scene ever I’d seen at the gym. It made me not join. I don’t need to be watching people watch Fabio working out.”

Dornan saw plenty of movies growing up.
“I liked ‘Back to the Future’ and ‘Teen Wolf.’ I loved John Hughes movies. I had two older sisters, and was subjected to them early on, so I ended up liking ‘The Breakfast Club,’ ‘Sixteen Candles’ and ‘Mr. Mom.’ As you get older, your tastes change. ‘Badlands’ is my favorite movie of all time.”

He wants to alternate between studio and indie projects.
“Honestly, I feel so f–ing privileged to work. I’m doing a big studio movie. You can’t take those things for granted. It’s insanity when you think a couple years ago, the stuff I’d audition for and really wanted and didn’t get. That’s the madness to this industry.”


Jamie Dornan Opens up about Fifty Shades “It was f***ing insanity”

Jamie Dornan Opens up about Fifty Shades “It was f***ing insanity”

He’s living proof of a female deity and he’s about to become one of the world’s biggest stars thanks to Fifty Shades. Stylist meets the charming Mr Dornan

Waiting to interview Jamie Dornan is a bit like getting an email from your boss saying, ‘Have you got a minute?’ You have no idea what to expect. It could be good. It could be bad. Or it could be catastrophic.

Because he could have gone all ‘Hollywood’. Might not be quite so charming in real life. Or could take his role in the highly anticipated Fifty Shades Of Grey a little too seriously. But as a barefooted Jamie welcomes me into his hotel suite at LA’s infamous Chateau Marmont with a cheerful, “Sorry, I just had to take my socks off, my feet got hot. Can I get you a drink?” I start to relax.

But only for a bit. Because on Friday everything really will change for the 32-year-old, as he becomes the physical embodiment of more than a million women’s sexual fantasies as the film’s protagonist, Christian Grey.

In the flesh he is precisely as good-looking as you think he’ll be. He’s tall, slim and beardy, wearing a white shirt and navy trousers while drinking a bottle of Orangina – the sort you used to get on holiday in France. He seems very relaxed, but his inner goddess must be very aware of what’s to come. Not since 2008’s Sex And The City has there been such speculation over a film release.
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Berlin: Netflix Acquires Jamie Dornan’s ‘Jadotville’

Netflix acquired Jamie Dornan’s Jadotville at the Berlin Film Festival, it was announced Monday.

The war thriller, co-starring Guillaume Canet will go into production in April and is set to premiere on the streaming service in 2016.

The film is based on the 1961 siege of an Irish UN battalion by 3,000 Congolese troops, led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining companies. Dornan will play the Irish commander Patrick Quinlan and Canet will play a French commander.

Jadotville will be directed by Richie Smith and produced by Alan Moloney for Parallel Films. The screenplay was written by Kevin Brodbin.
Alex Walton’s Bloom brought Jadotville to Berlin’s European Film Market. The deal with Netflix was negotiated by UTA’s Independent Film Group.

“The story of how Pat Quinlan led his troops against an overwhelming force without losing a single man is one of the great stories of the 20th century, and we are proud to be working with such a talented and committed team to bring it to life,” Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said in a statement. “This film will be an amazing addition to our global original films initiative.”

Maloney added: “As filmmakers, we are constantly looking for new ways to bring a movie to the largest possible audience. Netflix has already reinvented the TV market and is now moving front and center into the film business. We are proud and excited to be part of their story and innovation.”

The acquisition is just the latest move into original, scripted films by Netflix. The streaming service, which has had success with original TV series like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, is now ramping up its narrative-film production and distribution business. Netflix recently announced plans to make a sequel to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which is set to hit Imax theaters and the streaming service on Aug. 28.


The Fall Season 2 Screen Captures

The Fall Season 2 Screen Captures

I’ve made these captures as soon as the show as the show aired on BBC, but decided to wait a while before posting. Anyway, here they are, all season 2 of The Fall Screen Captures. Spoilers if you haven’t watched. The show is available on Netflix now.

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Fifty Shades Scores Biggest Opening in History for a Female Director

In 2010, British director Sam Taylor-Johnson’s Nowhere Boy, a tiny indie film about John Lennon as an adolescent, topped out at $1.5 million at the North American box office.

As a women, Taylor-Johnson is in good company. Female directors are usually relegated to the sidelines in terms of big box office potential, with studios preferring to hire men for their high-profile projects.

Now, Taylor-Johnson and Universal are making history with Fifty Shades of Grey, the film adaptation of EL James’ steamy romance novel starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan. The movie is tipped to gross $90.7 million over the long Valentine’s Day and Presidents Day Weekend, including a three-day gross of $81.7 million, the biggest North American debut ever for a movie directed by a woman, not accounting for inflation.

And that’s just domestically. Overseas, Fifty Shades launched to a record-breaking $158 million for a global total of $248.7 million.

The previous best domestic opening was Catherine Hardwicke’s Twilight, which debuted to $69.6 million in November 2008. Despite the film’s success, Summit subsequently put the franchise in the hands of male directors. Likewise, it isn’t clear whether Taylor-Johnson will return to direct further installments in the Fifty Shades franchise after tension arose between her and James, who was given unprecedented control in the making of the $40 million film.

Taylor-Johnson, 47, isn’t the only female director making strides of late. Angelina Jolie’s World War II drama Unbroken, also from Universal, has grossed nearly $160 million since its Christmas release, while Ava DuVernay’s Selma has earned nearly $50 million and is nominated for two Oscars, including best picture.

Still, DuVernay herself was shut out of the Oscar director’s race. Only four women have been nominated for best director, with just one, Kathryn Bigelow, winning for The Hurt Locker (2009).

In terms of box office performance, many of the top-grossing films directed by women have been animated offerings. Even then there’s been strife, however. Brave director Brenda Chapman was booted from by the project by Pixar over creative differences, although she retained a credit.